Sunday, February 3, 2008

Video Vagner Love Sex Tape

It’s about a Vagner Love’s hot video. The main characters of this one are the brazilian soccer player Vagner Love and a famous brazilian porn actress known as Pamela ¨Butt¨.

The video has been spread by navigators of the Internet network and with links in pornographic sites, there exhibits a dark man brushed with braids like that the international Brazilian uses supporting relations in a room with an attractive blonde identified as Pamela Butt. Vagner Love denies it, but the scenes of the video already have been seen by everyone.

Pamela confirms her participation in the video, so declares that the video is real and that it was recorded by someone who was present on the scene.

The guy on the other bed is supposed to be the other brazilian soccer player called Robinho.

Sorry, I have forgotten put the video .

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